About Us

We are the first Classified ads website in Ireland offering an ads service so you can Borrow or Buy stuff online and we want to show you how fun and easy this can be.

The idea for BOB my Stuff simply came from moving out from the big apartment into a small double room with bags of Stuff that I couldn't let go. I had bags of clothes of ''too small, too big or still with the labels'' on top of my day to day stuff. As Soon as I moved in I realised, I needed drills to hang my TV and my big picture on the wall that followed me from one house to another.

Buying drills and expensive tools just wasn't an option at the time. And that's when I realised that a website like BOB my stuff would help so may people just like myself in day to day situations. 

Bob My stuff is Offering to:

Borrow or Buy my Clothes: For women, men and Kids. Occasional, night out, casual, communion or wedding outfits followed by Accessories and shoes. 

Borrow or Buy my Stuff: Offers to Borrow or buy your Tools and drills, Gardening and house hold stuff. Games and Consolers. Supports any new hobby you want to try before investing in it. Reuses your stuff and earns or saves a lot of money and time.  

Our Promise

We want to make sure that when you place the Ad on Bob MyStuff it becomes a Contract between only you as a seller and the customer. You set your own prices and your own terms and conditions. You decide on a reasonable deposit if you hire your item as well. We will not Intervene in your business as long as the items placed online are legal and follow the rules of the website.

How to Place your Ad

  1. Simply register first. It's free!
  2. Go to + button on the right hand side and choose Place Ad
  3. Choose a Category from BOB My Clothes/BOB My Stuff/Stuff Wanted
  4. Decide if it is for Kids/Men or Women
  5. In the Title section Write a Short Description about your item i.e Red dress, Size 12. This will be shown below the picture of your Ad in a main page.
  6. Choose if this item is available just to Buy, just to Borrow or both- Buy and Borrow from columns below.
  7. Enter your Selling price or price you want to hire it for.
  8. Write a full description of your Item in the description box i.e condition of the item, brand, material or what this item could be used for.
  9. Address and zip Code is not required, but please enter your e-mail address or phone number if you would like to be contacted this way.
  10. Upload up to 3 images from your phone or Laptop and Here we go! You are on the way to make few Bobs