The Idea Behind BOB MyStuff

Hello, my name is Andrea, the creator of BoB My stuff and I would just like to give you the Idea Behind Bob Mystuff.

BoB MyStuff was Created out of an Idea I had for years now. Ive seen lots of Classified websites that offer things for sale but not so many with a borrow or hire offer as an alternative.

Not everyone has the full price for a wedding Dress for example or an expensive party dress just for one night. On the other hand so many people have lots of clothes and other items that they use once and end up hanging them in a wardrobe or garage never to be used again. So why not hire out an Item or a dress or a Suit perhaps ?

People generally don't like to Borrow out their belongings but if they got paid for it, then thats a different matter. Of course you have to have the Buy option also and this is where the name came from. The Buy or Borrow Option became BOB My stuff.

Bob My stuff allows people to make a little extra cash on their items instead of them sitting around and not being used. BoB Mystuff also allows you to sell or hire out practically anything you want from your personal home or if you are a business and looking for other ways to earn extra revenue. Buy Or Borrow, BoB MyStuff is for you.

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